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Is it time to check the garage door? Check out these tips first to make sure you know what you're doing

Checking garage door pulleys and rollers

The advice from garage door Repair Company in Hawthorne is to pay attention to wear and tear within the pulleys. You should be looking for four types including the ones on the frame, the mounted ones for stationary positions and on either side. Take the spring off as you check for the telltale signs.

Using specialized garage door lubricants

You should always endeavor to find a premium grade product. This is because these lubricants tend to loosen all the parts and also prevent the buildup of grime. Silicone is always the preferred choice. The tack-free qualities allow you to work on rollers without worrying about secondary effects on the tracks. Spray both door sides.

Proper installation of garage doors

Installing a garage door is highly dangerous for home owners to handle on their own. If you decide to replace or reinstall your door, garage door repair Hawthorne experts can help you do the job.

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