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How to Replace Vertical Tracks

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How to Replace Vertical Tracks

Replace Vertical Tracks Near Hawthorne NJ

With garages turned into activity or laundry rooms apart from parking lots, accidents are bound to happen. People are not the only ones who can get hurt. Garage door parts are damaged, too. As it is expected, the parts getting damaged more often are the ones found closest to the opening of the door. With the car passing by several times each day and families carrying in and out bicycles, boxes and other items, it's likely that sensors might lose their alignment and vertical tracks might get bent. Although misaligned sensors are easily fixed, damaged garage door tracks are not always repairable.

Most certainly, track dents are not caused only when we accidentally hit them with the car or other heavy objects. Depending on their quality and years of use, they might get dented when they are not adjusted and the rollers cannot move right. They are worn over the years and even scratched by worn garage door rollers. If they are not made by stainless steel, they will eventually rust. When the dents are small, Garage Door Repair Hawthorne can fix them. In a different case the tracks must be replaced.

Give Attention to the New Track Installation

There is no need to replace both tracks when one of the vertical ones is damaged. You don't have to remove or change the curved or horizontal tracks either. Though, you must install a new vertical track when the existing one is too damaged, rusty or worn. Keep in mind that tracks are extremely significant components. If the rollers cannot slide properly through the tracks, the overhead door will jam. If there are dents or the track is rusty, you will hear awful noises. The first step is to purchase the right size tracks. As far as their material is concerned, it's always best to choose stainless steel so that you will avoid erosion problems in the future.

Getting tracks in the right size is important for your security. Tracks come out in three different widths depending on the size and weight of the garage door. To avoid confusion, it's best to measure the existing track before buying a new one. Don't forget to measure the length, too. If the new track is a bit longer, you will have to cut off the excess part. So, let's see how to replace the track.

  • First, raise the door above the section the vertical and curved tracks meet. If you are not sure about the strengths of the garage door springs and want to work without risking your life, you can use c-clamps to make sure the door will remain open.
  • Before you remove the existing vertical track, mark its position by drawing small lines on the jamb where the track is attached on. It will help you install the new track easier.
  • Moving from the lowest to the highest parts to avoid the track falling on you, start removing the bolts and nuts securing the track in position. Time to remove the old track!
  • Put the new track in position in order for you to see that it fits alright and whether you need to cut excess end parts. Use the lines you made with the marker earlier and make sure the new vertical track is aligned with the curved one. This is of the utmost importance. If the tracks are not perfectly aligned, the rollers won't move properly.
  • Once you are sure of the track alignment, use the same marker to mark the points where you will be drilling the track. Put marks at the holes of the tracking angle and then remove the track and drill the holes.
  • When the holes are drilled, put the track back and secure it by placing the bolt at the inner part of the track and securing it with a nut from the outer part. Don't tighten them just yet. Put the bolts at the bottom and top and then the middle ones, test that the door moves properly and then tighten them well. 

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