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Straight forward answers to the most common questions about garage doors and their parts

What does it mean if my garage door is misaligned?

A misaligned garage door means that it is not following its tracks or the door is deformed, making it difficult for the door to move towards its path. Our experts say that these garage doors should immediately be fixed because misaligned doors have the tendency to get stuck or get break altogether.

What should I do if my garage door gets stuck midway?

First of all, do not force it open or close. Move it towards the direction where it goes smoothly and check for the cause of the garage door getting stuck. There might be a problem with the tracks or the hinge, such as an object being lodged in the path. Forcing a stuck door may only cause damage.

What type of opener is best for me?

According to our experts in Hawthorne, choosing the best door opener will depend on your situation. For instance, a metal garage door can make use of any type of opener. However, wooden doors should make use of chain drive openers, as they are heavy. Garages with low headroom require a jackshaft type of opener, as this requires no clearance.

What are the tools needed for garage door maintenance?

Doing garage door maintenance certainly requires tools and supplies. Nothing substantial can be accomplished without these items. According to our maintenance experts, these items include a screwdriver, brush, switch wire, a suitable substance for lubrication maintenance, socket and open-end wrenches, as well as rags for cleaning. Adjustments on moving parts will be needed in addition to cleaning.

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