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If your existing garage door opener is broken beyond repair or if you plan to upgrade to a more advanced and dependable unit, readily consider the Genie models. At "Garage Door Repair Hawthorne", we have been working with this brand ever since the establishment of our company. We genuinely recommend its products for their quality and durability. They are safe, reliable, and renowned in the industry. Currently, you can select from a number of innovative models. Check them out.

The Right Opener for You

Garage Door OpenersThe Genie TriloG openers are based on drive screw technology. They are virtually maintenance-free. TriloG 1500 comes with 140-volt DC motor which makes 1 horsepower. The unit has one of the highest opening speeds - it can reach 12 inches per second. The unit comes with 2 100-watt light bulbs. The lighting system has integrated motion detector for complete convenience.

In Trilogy 1500, the Intellicode technology is paired with a specially designed dual frequency system which prevents frequency interference. The GenieSense technology allows the opener to "sense" the weight of the door and to deliver the appropriate amount of power for its movement. If there are major changes, the technology will stop the opener in order to prevent operation and safety issues. The motor and screw drive technology come with a lifetime warranty.

The ReliaG garage door openers are the latest additions to the Genie collection. The ReliaG 850 model offers all of the advantages of the series. The unit comes with a quiet and efficient DC motor. You can select from belt drive and chain drive. The model is designed to have soft start and stop for optimal performance. The C-channel rail is extremely strong and dependable. It refines the look of the system as well. Just like all of the latest models of the brand, this one comes with the patented Itellicode remote whose technology changes the access code automatically after each use.

With the models from the Genie IntelliG series, you can select between a chain drive and a belt drive. The IntelliG 1200 model arrives with the universal Power Plus motor which can match virtually any garage door. It has a maximum opening speed of 9 inches per second. It has simple programming and technology preventing frequency interference. It comes with the GenieSense and Intellicode technologies.
GPower 900 is the latest Genie opener with AC motor. The model has direct drive screw which does not require any maintenance. The AC motor produces 1/2 horsepower. The maximum door lifting speed is 7 inches per second. The model has a lighting system with 2 60-watt bulbs.

We are ready to provide full assistance with the selection of a Genie garage door opener. We will install it swiftly and professionally for you as well.

Electric garage door openers are excellent and can be life saviors as long as they are maintained, installed and repaired properly. After years of experience and as specialists in Genie opener repair, we can assure you that openers will operate properly and ensure your safety when they receive proper treatment, as well. Their problems can be frustrating but they all have solutions. Though, they can make the garage door dangerous if the reverse system is not often checked. The good news is that problematic opener systems can be repaired efficiently by our company and we guarantee expert opener troubleshooting and repairs.

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