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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Focused technical teams trained and prepared to solve garage door problems with top knowledge, long experience and knowhow

Devoted teams for all residential and commercial garage door services

Great contractors for spring adjustment

There was something terribly wrong with my garage door and thankfully I had the phone number of Garage Door Repair Hawthorne. I don't have a clue about technical matters and so I couldn't tell them anything more than the symptoms. I guess they are very experienced because they figured out that the garage door springs needed adjustment. Their response was fast and truly they fixed the problem immediately and the door was moving and closing well. I surely recommend them for extension garage door springs services. They are punctual, competent and know exactly what to do.

Immediate garage door clicker replacement

My little one was playing games with me and managed to hide the garage door clicker in a place where I couldn't find it. I raised my voice to her telling her that these things weren't toys and she wouldn't tell me where she had stashed the remote control. I was forced to call Garage Door Repair Hawthorne for immediate remote replacement. I always had the best impressions about the services of this company and this time they managed to amaze me once more with their speed. They actually gave me tens of options and helped me pick the most suitable clicker.

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